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US$ 2.7~5.7. Sinkiang Turkos Bead, Rondelle, olika storlek för val, Hål:Ca 0.8mm · Sinkiang Turkos Bead  18mm Chinese Sinkiang Turquoise Pendant with Thong, EA98 Lucky Bead Red String Rope Ceramic Simple Retro Vintage Bracelet Jewelry, OCD Obsessive  18mm Chinese Sinkiang Turquoise Pendant with Thong. 925 Silver Pear Cut Turquoise Women Jewelry Gift Dangle Drop Earrings, Natural 10mm Red Jade  Du kanske också gillar. Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring · Visa budUtrop 1,242 SEK. Paul Livingston Facetted Gem Stone Cuff Bracelet · Visa budUtrop 2,485 SEK  CHINA: SINKIANG: Jungarian Khanate, 1635-1758, AE pul, ND. F-VF · Visa budUtrop 333 SEK. Dainty vintage Jade bead 14k yellow gold  Pemma Raka) hail from western Tibet and Sinkiang province and were made into Magnificent Lady's 18K Antique Persian Turquoise Brooch (Circa 1910). 6mm Natural Turquoise Gemstone Beads Round Sinkiang Turquoise Stone Beads (12 Beads) Stone, Gemstone Natural Turquoise Stone  Please note that this is an instant digital download, 24 turquoise 8mm Sinkiang tibet natural, Old tin box for your mementos or photos.

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Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device. Find Details about Rutilated Quartz Wealth Bracelet Xinjiang Turquoise Rock Quartz Aventurine Peridot from Taiwan Other Semi-Precious Stones supplier-PAT & MARY WORKS LTD. Source Bracelet Wholesaler, Wealth Bracelet, Gemstone Bracelet, Beads Precious Stones on Taiwantrade. Sinkiang Turquoise donut pendant, teal, approx 40mm dia. PN: GT10605-40MM, Your Price: $39.71 / 10 pcs, List Price: $39.71. Add To Cart.

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Shenzhen Hong Zheng technology limited have own Turquoise mine and gemstone factory, we are a professional manufacture natural gemstone & jewelry factory and trading company, which can supply thousands different kinds of natural gemstones & jewelry. Beautiful Sinkiang Turquoise Wrap Bracelet, accented with Lapis and Turquoise beads made in Nepal, set in Tibetan gold, and a brass Yin Yang. A wrap bracelet easily wraps around one’s wrist three times. 6mm lightly faceted beads.

Sinkiang turquoise

Een bladvormige verguld zilveren broche met jade. Circa

Sinkiang turquoise

wholesale natural sinkiang turquoise beads round polished frosted green Length:Approx 15 Inch 1404427. US $1.88-$4.30/ Strand.

152 When looking farther to the west in Xinjiang, Chinese investigation has been deeply affected by   But I tell you they are can't be natural turquoise. If you pay attention to the color and the usual matrix you will find something very fishy.
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Sinkiang turquoise

It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace. Sinkiang Turquoise Natural Sinkiang Turquoise Beads, Gemstone Sphere, Dyed, Round, Undrilled/No Hole Beads, Gemstone Sphere, LightSkyBlue.

Sinkiang Turquoise Natural Sinkiang Turquoise Beads, Gemstone Sphere, Dyed, Round, Undrilled/No Hole Beads, Gemstone Sphere, LightSkyBlue. Size: about 3mm in diameter. Priced per 10 pcs. Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.
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Natural Sinkiang Turquoise Round Bead Strands, Dyed & Heated, MediumTurquoise, 6mm, Hole: 1mm; about 70pcs/strand, 15.55inches(TURQ-E022-38B-6mm) Unit: 5 Strand Weight: 111 g Sinkiang turquoise teardrop beads, approx. 17 x 14mm. Lovely beads with a dark matrix.

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1860 Nephrite 6.5 mm Round nephrite Pastel pink stone

Annotated Bibliography of the History and Culture of Eastern Turkistan, Jungharia/Zungaria/Dzungaria, Chinese Central Asia, and Sinkiang/Xinjiang: For the  The Turquoise Sea · St George's House, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK · Harare Asheville, North Carolina, USA · Qatar · Sinkiang, China · Peking, China. Perfect white sand and turquoise clear water at the beach of the Bois Jolan, Grande · Paradisiacal The great gobi desert in the summer of Sinkiang, China. Yumzhog Yumco in Tibetan means "the jade lake on the upper meadow" and is considered as "turquoise earrings of Goddess". It wriggles amid mountain  1910/30-tal, mönster med boteh, bård inspirerad av Sinkiang mattor, the exterior decorated with various flowers, the interior with turquoise  A turquoise, agate and brilliant cut diamond brooch. Litteratur: Jämför Larsson jr, Lennart: Mattor från Kina, Sinkiang och Tibet, Stockholm  Group's Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. Unit and state-owned Erdenes Oyu. felt covered tent frame, on the boders of Kirgizia, Sinkiang and Tibet, circa 1895.