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It is important to recognize that many stores will issue their own documentation and diamond reports that are graded by in-store gemologists, some of whom may have been educated and trained by GIA – the Gemological Institute of America. Se hela listan på This also marked the beginning of the growth of the laboratory report industry. Those involved believed that some day many diamonds would be sold with reports issued by laboratories that were independent of the selling process. In 2016 there are many such laboratories, each issuing their own version of a diamond grading report. Verify Your AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report Please enter your AGS number as shown on your AGS Laboratories’ diamond grading report and search. Report Verification service is currently available for documents issued after January 1, 2001.

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The most convenient way to obtain a GIA Diamond Grading Report or a Diamond Dossier® is through a local fine jewelry retailer. GIA Diamond Grading Reports can take up to several weeks to complete. Their cost is based on carat weight and can range anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars due to the extensive and intensive nature of identifying and grading diamonds and colored gems. How a GIA Diamond Grading Report Affects Value Diamond Grading Report Authenticity verification and quality grading of unmounted diamond, applying the GIA grading system.

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Each diamond … A guide that explains the various aspects of a GIA grading report. GSI has created an easy way for you to verify that the information you have on your GSI grading report reflects the data we maintain in our lab. This is an Diamond Grading Reports. AGS Laboratories offers diamond grading reports for round brilliants and fancy shapes, as well as mounted goods, brown diamonds, custom and proprietary reports. When you need third-party verification of your diamond’s quality, ask for an AGS Laboratories diamond grading report.

Diamond grading report

Gemological Institute of America -

Diamond grading report

For that reason, GIA only grades unmounted diamonds.

ENSTENSÖRHÄNGEN, 18K vitguld, 2 hjärtslipade diamanter 2,02 (1,0+1,02) ctv, TW(G)/SI2, GIA Diamond Grading Report 1349346650 och 1345190576, stift,  Diamond clarity is graded by the number and visibility of the flaws. 1.30 carats, accompanied by a GIA Diamond Grading Report stating: D color - VS2 clarity. Items similar to White gold diamond engagement ring and women's wedding band set, bezel set diamond, GIA grading report and certification included. bana-set små runda briljantslipade diamanter runt galleriet och ner på alla tre sidorna av ringskaftet.
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Diamond grading report

Because of these reports, many buyers want to authenticate their diamonds with certifications.

This tells you if there’s any text, symbol, or logo on the diamond. Many diamonds that go through a GIA laboratory are inscribed with their corresponding report number on the girdle of the stone; a complementary option when a dealer submits a stone for grading, it doesn’t affect overall quality. I singled both of them out because it’s very likely you would come across diamonds with these grading reports in jewelry stores.
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A grading report is your diamond’s fingerprint. In order to protect you from counterfeit diamond grading reports, HRD Antwerp has incorporated exclusive security features in its grading reports which are visible by loupe and/or UV light.

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